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We are committed to making your experience as smooth as possible while receiving the best health care.

Our staff is dedicated to always providing the highest quality, most compassionate care and service to each and every one of our patients and their families in a warm and friendly environment.


Patient Care is Our Primary Concern

You can feel confident that our staff of registered pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians will answer any questions you might have.

Discharge Prescription Service

Upon discharge, we will deliver your prescription to your room, or you may come to Vijay Nursing Home Pharmacy–located on ground floor of the hospital – to pick them up.

Your Opinion Counts

Your feedback is extremely important to us. Our goal is to completely satisfy our patients and improve the quality of care rendered.

Your Experience

Your healthcare is our priority. To determine where improvements are needed, this hospital takes part in the survey.

COMMUNICATE It’s your health; don’t be afraid to ask your doctors and nurses questions.

PARTICIPATE You are the center of your healthcare team, so ask questions, understand your treatment plan and medications, and communicate with your doctors and nurses.

APPRECIATE There are hundreds of people in the hospital who need help; please be patient as doctors and nurses attend to everyone.

I was diagnosed with a big cyst of my ovary & uterine septum, because of which I had severe pain during my periods. My friend told me to consult at Sarita Gynae Center, where laparoscopic operation could be done. Me and my husband contacted Dr. Ridhi for it. She told us every detail of my disease & suggested us Hysteroscopy – Laparoscopy. As we had heard such positive reviews about maam, we went ahead with the surgery. I was operated by maam, painless, and my cyst was removed completely. I was discharged after 48 hours. I felt no pain after the operation also. Today I am happily relieved & satisfied with my treatment.
Mrs. Anjali, 29/F
I was not relieved by medicines with two other doctors, for my Liver disease. My neighbour had suffered a similar problem some months ago, and he suggested me to go to Dr. Vijay Kathuria. His treatment is responsible for helping me back on my feet. Me and my family will always regard him.
Mr. Gyanendra, 38/M
I took a decision to change my gynaecologist during the last month of my pregnancy, and that was my blessing from almighty. Dr. Ridhi madam, is one of the best gynae’s I have come across. She explains everything in details, takes time to tell everything until we feel satisfied. The caesarean operation was a scary thought. She explained the whole process, removed my doubts and made sure I felt comfortable. The nursing staff was very helpful too. I got out of bed and started walking on the 2nd day of my operation, as madam encouraged and helped me so much. For doubts when I was at home, I could call her anytime, and she patiently told me how to help me.
Mrs. Rupali, 22/F
As new to-be parents, we were concerned about the pregnancy and outcomes. Dr. Ridhi helped me and my husband, cleared all our doubts, guided us through the entire 9 months, diet advise, medicines, routine activity. We had a happy, and safe delivery under her care. Post delivery also, she took care of each aspect of my needs, baby’s care, breastfeeding. We received gifts from the hospital also. Our family is happy with the entire experience.
Mrs. Pooja, 31/F
Dr. Vijay is a humble & understanding doctor. He treats the patient very well, and talks nicely. I got better within hours of being admitted under his care. I thank him and the whole staff for the quality of care.
Mr. Munshi Bhatia, 65/M
Best Hospital and superb doctors, I have been there and experienced the whole process. My patients and I was in a very good state throughout our stay with constant attention from well trained staff and they take care of everything around us.
Arjun Rana
One of the best doctors, especially Dr. Ridhi Kathuria who was very helpful & polite throughout the procedure. Very polite staff & cleanliness.
Arpita Mittal
Best Doctor & Hospital. They not only care about your child, they care how you feel and how you manage.
Shefali Sharma